Thursday, February 26, 2009

Science Playing Cards

When I was doing my undergrad degree, there was a common room where physics students could hang out. The room had a microwave, leather sofas, a study area, a foosball table…the essentials. And 86% (+/- 2%) of the time, you could find a game of Hearts being played.

And I have found (from physics and physicists blog) out that the American Institute of Physics has decks of cards with physicists on them for sale. There are two decks, a historic deck with physicists pre 1960 and a modern deck. Each deck can be purchased with (or without) a companion biographical booklet.

Educational Learning Games has a scientist deck.

For biologists, Educational Innovations has a bone deck.

For the chemists out there, I also found a periodic table deck at Amazon.

Amazon (and eBay) have a couple of Buffy decks.

Brian Berg is a famous card sculptor, and engineer, with one of his structures reaching a height of 25ft. And, all of his constructs are done without glue, bending, folding, taping, or modifying at all the cards he uses. Once again, the world is a cooler place because of physics.

PS - If anybody finds a 52 card deck with Summer Glau, let me know.

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