Sunday, March 1, 2009

Pi Day!!!!!!!

I am growing increasingly excited for pi day. March 14th for those who don’t know (3.14). Apparently, it’s tradition to eat pie on pi day, but I will be baking a cake in the shape of the pi symbol and at 1:59:26 (3.1415926) I will make the first cut. Sure I have a very important birthday just a few days before ( I will be (3*14)-(square root of the sum of the first 9 digits, after the decimal)+2*(the difference of the next two digits (that’s the 10th and 11th digit), , but what I am really looking forward to is pi day. My business card has the digits of e framed by the digits of pi. Because that’s how geeky I am.

I already have the first 46 digits memorised and would like to break 100 by pi day, but that might be a bit optimistic. A Japanese man in 2006 who recited 100,000 digits from memory kinda puts me to shame. For the record, the article I got this fun fact from said that pi “is usually written out to a maximum of three decimal places, as 3.141, in math textbooks.” Let the laughter ensue. This is why I can’t trust the media.

Oh, and there’s pi approximation day on July 22 (pi is roughly equal to 22/7). And on April 26 (the distance of orbit of the earth divided by the distance, 2 radians, it has travelled by April 26). And on November 10 (the 314th day of the year). And on December 21 (the 355th day of the year) at 1:13 (355/113). The fun never stops.

It really doesn’t…A pi rap song and a pi(ano) song which is written with the digits of pi mapped to a melody.

It’s not stopping yet…I stole this fun pi day activity from here:

Convert things into pi. This step is absolutely necessary for two reasons: To utterly confuse people who have no idea what you are talking about (thus opening the door for enlightenment) and to have fun seeing how many things can be referenced with pi. Consider two approaches:
• Convert naturally circular things into radians like the hours on the clock. Instead of it being 3 o'clock, now it's 1/2*pi o'clock. Or, instead of it being 3 o'clock, convert the inclination of the sun into radians and describe that as the time.
• Simply use 3.14 as a unit of measure. Instead of being 31 years old, you are 9pi years old (approaching your 10th birthday). With this same approach, you can find out your next pi birthday (don't forget to celebrate it when it comes!).

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