Saturday, May 2, 2009


Dietitians do more than review the Canadian Food Guide with you. A dietitian is a nutritional counselor who can aid in educating and supporting a person with unhealthy eating habits into a more nutritional and stable diet. They work with people who only need a small amount of nutritional guidance, to those with more severe disordered eating habits who may not be eligible for an eating disorders program.

A dietitian of course works under the umbrella of nutritional education, but they can offer new ideas and perspectives on what you can do yourself to make your body healthier. Whatever your eating habits are, they will be accepted and treated as any counselor would work with emotional issues; through acknowledgment, goal setting, and working in small steps, they also provide the emotional support of changing how you look at food and your self-image.

Meal planning, grocery shopping, lifestyle complications, and budget eating are all areas in which a dietitian can counsel you.

The Dietitians of Canada site has features such as a recipe analyser which allows you to input a recipe to determine nutritional value and meal planning games, as well as lots of tips and ideas for how to manage a healthy eating lifestyle.

is a publicly funded service that offers free telephone access to Registered Dietitians (RD) who will provide an answer to your nutrition and healthy eating questions.
In Greater Vancouver call: 604-732-9191.
In BC call: 1-800-667-3438.

If finances are a concern, the Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society is available for anyone who needs it. And they do have healthy foods such as bread, fruits, and vegetables. Because the food bank considers privacy a priority, the locations of food bank depots are not advertised. To access a food bank location call 604-876-3601.

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