Friday, October 2, 2009

Towards Treatment of Suicidality

If you or someone you know is suicidal, please contact someone.

There has been some research lately looking into what criteria can differentiate those at risk for suicide to those who are not but who share the same psychiatric diagnosis.

An article in Psychiatric News touches on this research and their results.

“Some of the variables are childhood adversity, medical illnesses, impulsivity, aggression, and certain personality disorders…”

“…comorbidity is very important in suicide attempts…”

“Not getting help, especially the right kind of help, can also predispose people to suicide.”

More importantly, the article mentions a research project aimed to understand why people recover from suicidal behaviour.

“…connection with other people has been a major lifeline in every story she has received so far…”

The project is a website where people can share their stories of recovery, people who thought they would never get better, which I think provides an arena for hope (as well as future treatments). What I like particularly about this study is that it makes some of the stories available to the public because, as always, the more awareness we bring to mental health issues, the more likely we are to overcome stigmas and develop new treatments (and get government support and funding for these treatments which is seriously lacking).

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