Friday, March 12, 2010

Is it ok for a therapist to accept/give gifts?

Is it ok for a therapist to accept gifts?
This is something that varies between therapists, with some drawing an absolute boundary at ‘no, not ever.’ While certain gifts such as those of large monetary value, of cash itself, should be gently and graciously turned away, small trinkets of acknowledgment and gratitude can be accepted. The hurt that could be caused by such a rejection may not justify rigid boundaries. The intent of gift should be examined in any case and if gift giving becomes overly compulsive, acceptance of the gifts would need to stop.

Is it ok for a therapist to give gifts?
Yes. Because presents are shiny and they make people happy. Seriously though, at certain times gift giving may be appropriate and alleviate loneliness. Again, the gift should have little or no monetary value. Something like a card during the holiday season or on a birthday would be acceptable.

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