Monday, February 20, 2012

Cooking and Community

This reference is to Fresh Choice Kitchens in the Vancouver area, but I encourage readers to do some research to see if similar programs are available in their city. I think this program is a great way of combining nutritional education with social activity. There are many different programs with different criteria for participation, but you are likely to find at least one that fits your needs.

From the Fresh Choice Kitchens website:

"Fresh Choice Kitchens (formerly the Vancouver Community Kitchen Project) works to create opportunities for people to cook together, thereby building community strength through food. What began as a Vancouver area effort in the mid-’90s has evolved into a community kitchen resource for all B.C. It creates and collects educational tools and shares them through workshops, in print and online. It supports individuals and community groups who want to run a kitchen. It fosters independence by offering groups the knowledge and resources that community kitchens (CKs) need to manage themselves and to overcome obstacles."

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