Saturday, February 11, 2012


The general plot of this movie is about a young woman who has had a lifetime habit of self-harming and who meets a man whom she develops a dominant-submissive relationship with. From that sentence, it would be easy to pass off this movie as erotic fluff or too alternative for the general population to relate to, but that would be doing this film injustice.

First, I would like to make it clear that I am not promoting a lifestyle of self-harm (in the movie the woman does stop this behaviour). When it comes to living alternative lifestyles, it may be difficult to distinguish what is harm and what is a healthy expression of one’s individual way of living life. This is something for each person to examine in themselves.

That being said, this is an exceptional movie and, keeping an open mind, full of tenderness, care, and beauty. Though the actual footage is not graphic or sexually explicit, it is powerfully emotional, intimate, and erotic. What I like most about this film is that it demonstrates that it is possible for people to live outside the norm and still function as happy, healthy, and whole human beings.

Even if your lifestyle choices are not as dramatic as in the film, if you are living with a mental illness, or even just living your life differently that what might be considered ‘normal,’ this film provides a hopefulness and a sense of self-entitlement to the way you choose to live. Maybe that means working part-time even though your peers have full-time careers. Maybe you make the choice to not have children when your friends are settling down into traditional family roles. Maybe you enjoy a healthy dominant-submissive relationship. Just know that however you choose to live, as long as you are making healthy choices (I can’t say it enough), you are living the way that is right for you and you do not need to compare yourself to what might be right for others.

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